Stotesbury Mansion

A Little History

The Stotesbury Mansion is a Philadelphia landmark and carries some interesting wedding history.

Thomas McKean, a descendant of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, wanted the mansion built as a wedding present for his son in 1870.

Mr. Edward T. Stotesbury purchased the home in 1890 and decided to make some updates in 1911, in anticipation of his upcoming nuptials. The designer Stotesbury chose was Sir Joseph Duveen, who designed interiors for such families as the Morgans, Vanderbilts, and the Rockefellers. Several elaborate additions were added that you can see to this day, such as the marble entryway and Dolly Madison’s fireplace from the White House.

Those weren't the only additions though. In an effort for the wealthy families to continue to entertain during Prohibition, the Stotesburys installed a mirror maze and hidden doors in order to divert authorities from their extravagant affairs during this period. The mirror maze continued to be effective as a burglar device until 1958 when it was disassembled to become the hall of mirrors that currently exists.

This is only a taste of the history that Stotesbury has to offer. We'll have more history nuggest around the venue - so keep an eye out!
Susan Moyal